...a brass instrument with three rotary valves. Made from coiled tubing. It is one of the higher pitched brass instruments.
Note to parents renting a french horn for a beginner: The french horn that you are renting is a "single" french horn. Most students will advance into a "double" french horn within a year or two of playing. We recommend renting a single french horn for a beginning student. When you're ready to advance to a double french horn, we will apply up to one year of your rental payments towards the purchase of the double french horn. Please give us a call if you have questions or need to rent a double french horn (we do that too!)

BRAND NEW instruments from the best brands in the business such as Jupiter CXL & more! Full manufacturers Warranty. Our most popular rental-purchase option, and the premier choice of educators. Parents love the piece of mind knowing their student is playing a NEW instrument and students love the shiny look, snappy action, and superb playability.

$64.99/mo.  Including Maintenance & Repair!

PRE-OWNED instruments are a great way to save, while still preserving cosmetic appearance, top name brand quality, and playability. These instruments are in very good cosmetic condition, and have been meticulously inspected by our top-notch repair techs (one of the best shops in the USA!), educator approved, and guaranteed excellent playability. We follow CDC guidelines and make sure every instrument is safe, clean, and ready to play!

$54.99/mo.  Including Maintenance & Repair!