...the most popular woodwind instrument. It can play both high and low notes. A band generally has more clarinets than any other instrument.
BRAND NEW PREMIER instruments are our most popular and best quality beginner option. The Premier choice of educators, featuring brand new instruments from top brands in the business. Parents love the peace of mind knowing their student is playing a NEW instrument and students love the shiny look, snappy action, and superb playability. Full manufacturer's warranty.

$39.99/mo.  Including Maintenance & Repair!

PRE-OWNED rental return instruments are a great way to save, while still enjoying superior cosmetic appearance. Included here are previously rented or pre-owned instruments in excellent or very good cosmetic condition. These instruments have been meticulously inspected, adjusted, and cleaned by our top-notch repair techs (some of the best in the USA!) All instruments are educator approved brands and guaranteed excellent playability.

$34.99/mo.  Including Maintenance & Repair!

Our ECONOMY instruments are our lower cost option for the budget sensitive family... quantities limited. Like our other options, we only offer well-made, serviceable, educator approved instruments that blend well with the rest of the band. These instruments may not be as shiny as our other options, but they are guaranteed to be clean and in good playing condition. Your rent credit will always transfer to a better instrument if desired down the road.

$29.99/mo.  Including Maintenance & Repair!