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We customize each accessory order to your schools preferences. We work closely with the instructors and will include the correct book and accessories. You will be contacted if your director requests additional items which are not listed below:

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Remove Music Stand from Package -15.00
Required Essentials Pack - Book, Reeds, Care Kit & Stand 61.99
Our Essentials Pack will be customized for your individual school upon processing. The actual price for your beginner pack may be different than shown here. For example, three Siouxland school districts provide the method book for each student. If your student attends one of these districts, the method book will be deducted from the pack price when we process your rental. We work very closely with each educator, making sure we fill student rental orders with accuracy and consistency.             


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Instrument: Clarinet - First Month Rent FREE!
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When you Submit this form, your information will be sent to a key member of our staff, who will ensure that you get a good quality instrument, the correct accessories and the correct book for your school. If at any time you have questions about processing or the items you will receive, you can give us a call or email and talk to a live person during regular business hours. We can handle special requests and changes before your card is processed.