...a brass instrument with three rotary valves. Made from coiled tubing. It is one of the higher pitched brass instruments.
Note to parents renting a french horn for a beginner: The french horn that you are renting is a "single" french horn. Most students will advance into a "double" french horn within a year or two of playing. We recommend renting a single french horn for a beginning student. When you're ready to advance to a double french horn, we will apply up to one year of your rental payments towards the purchase of the double french horn. Please give us a call if you have questions or need to rent a double french horn (we do that too!)

Quality used french horn. Very good cosmetic condition. Completely inspected, adjusted & disinfected. Guaranteed playability. Premium Brands with value added student instruments such as Yamaha & Jupiter!

$52.00/mo.  Including Maintenance & Repair!
Most families choose one of the options above, but if budget is a concern, please inquire about lower priced options that may be available for your student.
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